The report said the media published stories of public suffering in an exaggerated manner centering suspension of public transport before the opposition party’s rallies. The report added that untoward situations were created between BNP men and Awami League men in different places and suggested the law enforcers remain cautious to maintain law and order situations.

According to the police report, the venue of BNP’s divisional rally in Faridpur is retentive of only 20-22 thousand people and a total of 25,000-30,000 people might join the rally.

The report also stated that BNP seems to have regained its strength by engaging people in their divisional rallies. The BNP leadership thinks their popularity has increased and people are also rallying behind them, thanks to attendance as per their expectation.

The report said BNP men reached the venues of their divisional rallies days ahead of the events.

If BNP calls any big rally in Dhaka city, the party’s leaders-activists will try to reach the city days ahead of the schedule and may take position in the venue. As a result, a chaotic situation might ensue leading to public suffering.