He said law enforcement agencies will perform duties during the election under the framework of the election commission.

Asked whether there will any pressure during his journey because of the US sanctions on former and incumbent RAB officials, Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun said he has performed his duty in RAB normally in the past two and a half years and RAB works in compliance with legal process. Criminals apply maximum forces when RAB becomes an obstacle to their activities.

Criminals carry out wrongdoings by preventing the RAB, thus, unwanted incident happens. In that case, police and magistrate come to scene, and if anyone is killed, experts conduct autopsy of the body. Investigating officer of the case investigates into the incident. Court hears the statement of both parties and gives verdict. Media monitors everything and these processes are done transparently.

Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun said RAB members also sustain injuries during clash with criminals, got amputated or even lose lives. RAB carries out duty in challenging situation and any member of RAB losing capability loses his/her job. RAB will continue to perform duty with bravery and patriotism in coming days, he hoped.

He said home and foreign ministries have been working on the matter of US sanction on former and incumbent RAB officials.

Replying to query on whether the US sanction has any impact in dropping crossfires, the RAB DG said the agency applies forces if it is attacked and when necessary. Action is being taken to seize arms and drugs as per the existing laws.

RAB began the fight against drug, but use of drugs and number of drug addicts is increasing. So, has the RAB's anti-drug drive failed. In reply, Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun said fight against drugs is going on globally; most of inmates in prisons are drug addicts and prime minister has declared a zero tolerance against drugs.

Outgoing RAB DG will be given a farewell at the RAB headquarters on Thursday. He will also take the charge of IGP at the police headquarters on Friday.