Manabadhikar Shongskriti Foundation (MSF) expressed deep concern on Thursday over the case filed under Digital Security Act (DSA) against Mohd Jahangir Alam, special correspondent of news agency United News Bangladesh (UNB).

MSF, activist Sultana Kamal-led new organisation to protect and promote human rights, also strongly protested and condemned the case and demanded its immediate withdrawal.

MSF said that the Digital Security Act is creating fear among those who believe in freedom of thought and expression. “Journalists are being subjected to abuse of this law,” it added.

The human rights body said that though the law has been heavily criticised since the beginning, harassment in the name of this law is continuously increasing.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Cine-Journalist Association also protested and condemned the case filed against the journalist.

Mohd Jahangir Alam, a former vice-president of CRAB said: “The allegation that I have been implicated in a case filed with Hatirjheel police station in Dhaka city under the Digital Security Act is completely fabricated, false and motivated.”

“I have nothing to do with such allegations.” “As a journalist, I always try to do my duty responsibly and professionally.”

He said: “I believe some vested interest groups have implicated me in such a case to serve their own personal interests with an ill motive.”

On 12 April, Hatirjheel police station sub-inspector Md. Al-Amin filed the case under the Digital Security Act against 21 people, including Jahangir.

Meanwhile, the High Court granted anticipatory bail to Jahangir in the DSA case filed with Hatirjheel police station.