Why would we fear to talk: JnU student

Jagannath University students started the demonstration in the morningDipu Malakar

General students took the position in front of the administrative building of Jagannath University alleging that the university administration has negligence that led to the suicide of law student Fairuz Sadaf Abantika.

The students, who started demonstrations on Monday morning under the banner of Jagannath University against oppression, sought speedy trial of the accused.

Ivan Tahsif, a demonstrating student, said, “We have come to study at the university. Why would we face harassment? We want permanent expulsion of the accused people soon.”

Shaurin Ira, a student of the film and television department said, “Why would we fear to express ourselves? We want to know about the reports of all the investigations conducted against all the oppressions.”

Jagannath University students demonstrating against violence
Dipu Malakar

JnU’s law department student Abantika committed suicide at around 9:30 pm on Friday at her parent’s house in Cumilla town after posting a status on her Facebook ID.

Several of her friends said she brought allegations against her classmate Amman Siddique of sexual harassment and torturing her mentally online and offline .  

In her Facebook post, Abantika also raised an allegation of misconduct against the university’s assistant proctor Din Islam siding with Amman.

She spoke about committing suicide in the post.