Hasan Kobir’s solo exhibition begins at Art Bangla Gallery

A week-long solo art exhibition by Hasan Kobir began through an informal inaugural ceremony at the Art Bangla Gallery in the capital’s Lalmatia on FridayCourtesy

A week-long solo art exhibition by Hasan Kobir began through an informal inaugural ceremony at the Art Bangla Gallery in the capital’s Lalmatia on Friday. The exhibition title “The Journey Within” is the artist’s first ever solo exhibition.

Anjir Liton, director general of Bangladesh Shishu Academy was the chief guest at the event and eminent art critic prof Moinuddin Khaled and prof Rashid Amin of Department of Fine Art at the Jagannath University addressed the ceremony as special guests.

Eminent artist prof Shishir Bhattacharjee of the Department of Drawing & Painting under the Faculty of Fine Art of Dhaka University presided over the programme.

Hasan Kobir, also known as Joseph, is a talented and emerging artist and has come up with 33 of his recent art pieces for his debut solo exhibition.

Joseph's artwork delves into a multitude of subjects, intellectually expressing his artistic journey.

Cave paintings, an exceptional form of ancient art, hold a significant place in the annals of art history. These mesmerising creations not only signify the artistry of the past, but also offer glimpses into the lives and beliefs of prehistoric societies.

Inspired by these cave paintings, Joseph has skillfully depicted the evolution of society, culture, and civilisation through the prism of contemporary art.

The exhibiton contains a total of 33 artworks of artist Hasan Kobir Joseph

Here the artist's work is deeply rooted in the notion that progress is impossible without acknowledging and understanding the past.

Symbolically representing the struggles of oppressed individuals, Joseph employs burning or tearing motifs, signifying their plight. Moreover, he stresses on the importance of preserving history by depicting the mending and stitching of these torn spaces in a captivating and poignant manner.

Additionally, Joseph highlights the unfortunate reality that the origins, existence, and essence of original art often face destruction due to negligence and apathy towards conservation. Thus, his paintings serve as reminders of these artistic roots, skillfully interweaving them with modern styles in diverse ways—an underlying philosophy that pervades his work.

Guests at the inaugural ceremony of the exhibition on Friday at the Art Bangla Gallery in the capital’s Lalmatia

The exhibition also features surreal depictions of mundane life infused with a touch of surrealism. Within these extraordinary compositions, Joseph captures emotions such as love, lust, anger, and restlessness, transforming them into vibrant exemplifications amidst the backdrop of a troubled global culture and civilisation.

In an experimental exploration of environmental pollution, Joseph incorporates nature's mud into his artwork. This unconventional approach, combined with his video performance art that evokes the joy of artistic expression, reflects the artist's profound love for the natural world.

By immersing himself in nature, experiencing its wonders, and embracing its forms and flavours, Joseph symbolises the profound connection between artistic creation and individual consciousness, thereby introducing a new dimension to his inaugural solo exhibition.

The exhibition will continue till next Thursday, 15 June from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm every day.