Metrorail service halted over ‘technical glitch’

People wait in queue to buy metrorail tickets at Uttara North (Diabari) station at 9:45 am on 9 August, 2023Prothom Alo

The operations of metrorail service have been halted due to “technical glitch” from 9:30 am Wednesday.

The service will resume after repairing the issue, said Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL), which is a government-owned company responsible for operating the Dhaka metrorail.

Many people were seen waiting in queue to buy tickets at Uttara North (Diabari) station. But selling of tickets remained halted.

Speaking to Prothom Alo, private employee Shahjahan Siraji, who was waiting in the queue, said his office is at Karwan Bazar. He would buy ticket for Agargaon. “I have come to the station at 9:40 am. I found many passengers waiting when I reached the station. Many people came here before 9:30 am but the metro scheduled at 9:35 am did not leave the station.”

He also mentioned that the sale of tickets had been suspended at that time. Numerous individuals had left the station after returning their tickets, while several others were still waiting in the queue. An announcement was made at the station indicating that the metrorail service had been halted due to a technical glitch. Passengers were requested to wait until the service resumed.

DMTCL Director (Operations) Nasir Uddin informed Prothom Alo that they suspected something had fallen onto the electric line, causing a disruption in the conduction of electricity.

He said their workers were walking along the rail tracks to find out the problem. The service will resume once they identify the issue and repair it, Nasir Uddin added.