There is no other visible development in the investigation, except for the technical analysis. The two investigating agencies could not ascertain what happened to Fardin after 2:34am or 2.40am and why he was murdered.  

The RAB claimed to have identified the killers, but the motive is still shrouded in mystery. The officials provided an explanation over two types of information about his last location, saying that an individual sometimes might be tracked in two bordering areas. Fardin was last located under the purview of two mobile towers in Barpa and Chandpara.     

The DB officials said they have been confirmed about the last location of Fardin in Barpa and are now trying to unravel the mystery on the basis of a source there. 

Still, I want to keep faith in the investigating agency
Fardin's father Nur Uddin

They also said Fardin embarked a human hauler from Jatrabari on the night and it reached Barpa via Sultana Kamal bridge and Tarabo Biswa Road. There is another route under the bridge for going to Chandpara from Jatrabari.  

Meanwhile, the RAB said they are trying to arrest a criminal gang of Chandpara who are believed to be involved with the murder. 

Fardin went missing on 4 November after he had left home in Konapara of Demra to go to his university, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

His  father Kazi Nur Uddin lodged a general diary with Rampura police station on the next day.

After three days, the river police recovered the floating body of Fardin from the Shitalakkhya river on 7 November. Later, Nur Uddin filed a murder case accusing Fardin’s friend Bushra. She is now languishing in jail after serving five days in remand.

The DB has claimed to have identified the driver and his assistant of the human hauler that Fardin took from Jatrabari for going to Barpa via Tarabo.

Sanjit Kumar Roy, joint commissioner of DB (south) in Dhaka, said they found no involvement of the duo – driver Swapan and helper Jony – in the murder. There is no new progress in the investigation. 

According to a source, Fardin along with Bushra went to Rampura bridge area at 9:45pm on a rickshaw. He later moved to Jinzira in Keraniganj at 10:53pm and to Johnson road of Old Dhaka at 11:09pm. He was located in the Gulistan underground market area at 12:50am. 

He had a conversation with another friend during his stay at Jatrabari intersection at 1:59am. Later, he took a human hauler from Jatrabari around 2:03am and went to Barpa via Tarabo. 

But the RAB said Fardin dropped Bushra in Rampura around 9:45pm. In a technical analysis of his mobile phone, it was seen that Fardin was in Keraniganj at 10:35pm, in Babubajar bridge area at 10:53pm, in Johnson road area at 11:09pm, in Gulistan underground market area at 12:50am, and in Bibir Baghicha area at 2:01am.  

After going through a number of CCTV footage, the elite force also said Fardin, along with four fellow passengers, got on the human hauler from Jatrabari intersection at 2:03am. He disembarked the vehicle at Demra staff quarter intersection and took a CNG-run auto rickshaw with the four. He reached Chandpara at 2:23am and his mobile phone was active there until 2:34am. 

Meanwhile, Fardin’s father expressed disappointment over the delay in unfolding the mystery and arresting the killers. He said it was a premeditated murder and the killers carried out their job with utmost caution. Hence, the mystery is taking time to be cracked. 

“Still, I want to keep faith in the investigating agency,” he added.