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A Congo delegation team will visit Dhaka soon to strengthen bilateral trade relationship between Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), said a press release.

Dadou Kapanji—policy expert from the Congolese president's office—will lead the team comprised of the consul of United Kingdom and the diplomat of the ministry of foreign affairs of DR Congo Tenday Luab and the general secretary of REGIDESO of ministry of water resources Jean Pierre Otshumbe.

During the visit, the Congolese delegation will meet the country’s top bureaucrats and business leaders to discuss various bilateral issues including trade investment opportunities in both countries.

The delegation team will be accompanied by consul general of DRC in Bangladesh Ziauddin Adil and the consul of the DRC Nazir Alam.

DR Congo is interested in importing pharmaceutical and first moving consumer goods (FMCG), banking services from Bangladesh.

Besides, bilateral cooperation in the field of agriculture, water resources, information technology and engineering will also be on the top agenda from both countries.

Last year, DR Congo awarded the prestigious good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificate to the Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company, Square and Apex Pharma.

The special board under the country's health ministry, directorate of pharmacy and medicine’ awarded the certificate to the companies in recognition of ensuring quality by following good manufacturing practices.

This paved the way for Bangladesh to export medicines to 11 African countries.