The High Court on Thursday observed that the patriotism of a person who has a dual citizenship is divided into two parts.

The HC bench of justice Nazrul Islam Talukder and justice Kizir Hayat Lizu made the observation after a hearing in this regard.

The court also set 13 February for passing an order on purchase of property by the people who have dual citizenship, and whether they could be appointed for important posts (responsibilities) as per the constitution and existing laws.

Besides, the court sought an explanation from the government about the issues following the constitution.

Earlier, a national newspaper ran a report with the heading ‘Spending spree to buy properties in abroad’ on Thursday.

Deputy Attorney General AKM Amin Uddin Manik drew the attention of the court in this regard.

Later, the court made the observation during the hearing and set the date for the order as per the constitution.

In the report, it was said that a competition has been going on among Bangladeshis to buy houses and wealth in Canada, US, Dubai, and London.

Earlier, Singapore and Malaysia were the top in the list of choices to purchase the houses and properties by Bangladeshis.

Currently, Bangladeshis are in the top position in the race to buy houses and properties compared to the developed countries.

Bangladeshis, who spent money earned illegally or illegally to buy properties and houses abroad, took the money outside of the country illegally as the existing rules do not allow any transfer of money from the country, say economists.