After remand of four days, Pori Moni was produced before the court in Dhaka on 10 August.

The plaintiff in the case against Pori Moni is RAB-1 officer Md Mujibur Rahman. He alleged that on 4 August members of RAB-1 had been stationed at the Gulshan-1 circle. At 4:05pm they received a tip-off that Pori Moni had collected foreign liquor from a house in Banani with the help of her assistant Ashraful Islam and had stocked it in her own flat.

Later, women members of RAB raided the flat on the fifth floor and detained Pori Moni from her house. Foreign liquor was also seized from her house. Also, four grams of ‘ice’ or crystal meth was seized from a white SUV. LSD was also found and seized. The liquor and other narcotic substances seized from Pori Moni’s residence were worth around Tk 407,000.

According to the case, Pori Moni would procure these drugs through a person named Kabir and would keep them in her house. The case has no mention of Kabir’s full name or address.

In the case, RAB claims that while interrogating Pori Moni it was learnt that she would procure drugs through producer Nazrul Islam Raj. However, Pori Moni and Ashraful Islam’s lawyers in court claimed that the allegations that RAB found narcotic substances in the house were false.

The court had granted permission for Pori Moni to be taken on four days remand to be interrogated about the source of the narcotic substances. After remand she was taken to court again. CID is investigating the case filed with the Banani police station.

In the meantime, a CID team has raided Pori Moni’s residence. Pori Moni could be sentenced to a maximum five years in jail if the charges against her are found to be true.

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