The student said that she got on the campus shuttle which was scheduled to leave at 5:30 pm but it left at 7 pm.

There were two other elderly men in the same compartment who got down before Iftar time. Meanwhile, two new men entered the compartment and at one stage tried to start a chat with her, she complained.

“While they were roaming, I asked them if they were university students. They said they came from Bahaddarhat.”

According to her, the train stopped at a station and started moving again when one of the two boys grabbed her mouth with one hand and head with the other. She tried to scream and get free but fell on the ground. She was still trying to remove their hands so that people could hear her scream. Eventually, she managed to scream loud and the duo escaped the compartment leaving her.

She said to the UNB correspondent, “At one point I thought I was going to die!”

Coming home, the woman found scratches and injuries caused by nails over her face, a big black wound above one of her eyes. Since the incident she was very upset and going through a mental breakdown, she said.

CU proctor (in charge) Shahidul Islam said, "This is a very terrible incident but the student has not told us yet. We are trying to get in touch with her.”

Police were supposed to be in every compartment of the shuttle train, something like that is not expected, he added.

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