He said that Police Cyber Support for Women Service has been launched to respond to the complaints of the women victims of the digital crime.

Many women have already been provided services through this unit, he added.

He called upon all to take greater caution in the use of the Internet and social media, including Facebook. He advised the users not to give access to any stranger or little-known person without confirmation of identity.

He said that many victims have mentioned about the risk of going out with someone who has been newly acquainted on social media.

“Don't jump into the world of social media without knowing the cyber risks,” Benazir cautioned.

He said not only an individual or the society, but also the state is often the victim of cyber bullying.

The police chief thanked the unit for assisting the affected women and solving their problems.

Additional IGs of police headquarters, heads of various units of police in Dhaka, senior police officers and several women, who got services from Police Cyber Support for Women Service, attended the function.

Not only the individual or the society, but also the state is often the victim, he added.

Some of the women who got help from the unit narrated the pain they had suffered because of cyber bulling.

They said that after contacting the police cyber support, they got rapid help and their problems were solved. They said the police unit provided them with both legal and psychological assistance.

Police Cyber Support for Women Service started on 16 November last year on the instructions of the IGP.

Until October this year, 17,280 female victims have contacted the service, which is run entirely by women police.

Of them 12 thousand 641 women had reported harassment. Technical and legal assistance has been provided to 8,221 people, the sources at the unit said.