Evaly CEO, chairman sued again in Chattogram

Evaly CEO Md Rassel (R) and his wife Shamima NasrinFile photo

A new case has been filed against e-commerce platform Evaly’s chairman Shamima Nasrin and CEO Mohammad Rassel in Chattogram on charge of embezzlement and fraudulence, reports UNB.

Chowdhury Naeem Sarwar, a businessman of the city’s Chawkbazar, filed the case in the court of Chattogram Metropolitan Magistrate Jewel Deb on Tuesday.

The court also summoned the accused after accepting the case, said plaintiff’s lawyer advocate Abul Hasnat.

It was alleged in the case statement that the plaintiff was impressed by the advertisement of Evaly and ordered a motorcycle worth Tk 160,000. But no motorcycle was delivered to him so far. A check was later issued from Evaly’s office but that was dishonoured.

On 15 December last year, another businessman from Chattogram filed two cases against Evaly CEO and chairman in the court of Chattogram Metropolitan Magistrate Saddam Hossain over cheque fraud.

On 6 April, Rassel’s wife Shamima Nasrin, chairperson of Evaly, walked out of Kashimpur Women’s Central Jail after the court granted them both bail in another six cases on condition of settling the case with the plaintiffs in different times.

On 16 September last year, Evaly CEO Mohammad Rassel and his wife Shamima were arrested during a raid on their house in capital’s Mohammadpur area.

The owners of Evaly were allegedly involved in embezzlement of billions of taka. They were arrested after a victim filed a case against them.

Arif Baker lodged a case with Gulshan police station accusing the couple of stealing customers’ money and fraudulence.

The couple was later sent to jail.