Victim Zahidul Hasan was rescued at 3:00 am when he escaped from the madrasah and came before a police van, said Hasan Imam, Officer-in-Charge of Dagonbhuiyan police station.

Zahidul’s father Abdulah Al Mamun said his son was admitted to the Hifz section of the madrasah this year and many students there alleged the teacher beat them up.

“On Saturday I took Zahid back to madrasa after he fled saying he won’t study there as they torture him. The principal promised such an incident won’t occur again,” he said.

Later at night the accused principal locked Zahidul in a room and injured him by beating him with a stick, said police quoting the victim.

Victim’s father has lodged a complaint with police in this regard, said OC Hasan Imam.