MP Ibrahim further wrote, "I wanted to convey through my speech that I myself do not harbour any terrorist, extortionist, thief, robber, drug dealer or user. I also instructed the members of the law enforcement agencies to take stern action against them and called upon the people present to form a public opinion and build resistance against the miscreants and said that if any miscreant dies then I will take the responsibility. We must maintain the law and order.”

MP Ibrahim wrote in a Facebook post that he did not mean to raise any question about any person or organisation by his testament rather he wanted to give a stern warning against terrorists, drug dealers and users. He wrote, “My speech was clipped and spread to question my role and rule of law.”

Citing his respects for law as a legislator, HM Ibrahim noted in a Facebook post that he was "deeply sorry" for the misunderstanding.

A 53-second video of MP Ibrahim's speech went viral on social media on Friday night. MP HM Ibrahim was heard saying, "It is my order, nothing would happen if the miscreants are beaten to death." “Kill the perpetrators by lynching. If anyone complains, I will be the number one accused in the case.”'

The lawmaker was criticised deeply after the video clip went viral. In view of this, he said that he should be 'more careful and cautious' while speaking as an MP in a programme organised at Rubirhat Bangabandhu Government Pilot High School in Sonaimuri Upazila on Sunday.