Police question MP's son Sharun over Munia's 'suicide'

Sharun Chowdhury.
Taken from his Facebook

Police have opened an investigation into the case filed against Bashundhara Group managing director for instigating Musharrat Jahan Munia, 21, to commit suicide in a flat of Gulshan in Dhaka on Monday.

A source asked for some information from the ruling party whip's son Sharun Chowdhury following some screenshot of online conversations--took place between him (Sharun) and Munia--went viral on social media, Facebook on Tuesday afternoon.

Sharun told Prothom Alo that, he answered everything what he was asked for. But he didn’t want to reveal the identity of that source.

A speculation went viral on the social media, Facebook, that Musharrat Jahan Munia had a talk with Sharun Chowdhury before her death--led to the source to speak with Sharun.

Sharun is the son of Shamsul Haque Chowdhury, lawmaker of Chattogram-12 constituency and whip of the parliament. He told Prothom Alo that a source asked him on Tuesday evening whether he knows Munia or not.

Sharun said he had an acquaintance with Mosharrat. She contacted him on Facebook last year. He told her that his ex-wife had an affair with Sayem Sobhan Anvir, managing director of Bashundhara Group.

However, he termed those screenshots conveying personal conversations — went viral on the social media after the death of Munia—fake ones. He demanded forensic examination of those (conversations) to verify the truth.

In that conversation, Mosharrat wrote to Sharun saying she is not well. Then she wrote, ‘he (Anvir) will not marry me. What will I do right now?’ Sharon replied ‘I told you before, don’t listen to him. He told my wife that he would marry, but he didn't eventually. But my daughter has lost her mom.

Munia didn’t mention the name of Sobhan Anvir anywhere of the chat but addressed him as ‘he’ (Uni).

Prothom Alo couldn't verify the conversation independently. Although a source told the newspaper that the conversation is not fabricated.

Prothom Alo could not reach to Sobhan Anvir for comment regarding this matter.

Deputy commissioner of Gulshan division Sudeep Chandra Chakraborty said, “It is not possible to comment over the truth of that conversation before the investigation."