This is the 48th judgment of the ICT in the case of crimes against humanity during the war of liberation.

According to sources, four or five Razakars including Amjad swooped on the house of Shanti Lata Mandal in Machalia village of Batiaghata and tortured and shot Vinod Mandal to death after abducting him on 10 August in 1971.

In another charge, they said the death awardees tortured and shot dead unarmed Haridas Majumdar after attacking his house located in Chaprashi area at Purbahalia village of Batiaghata upazila On 15 October 1971.

In third charge, it is said that, they attacked Sukhdara village of Batiaghata, killed four innocent unarmed Hindu people, looted goods of four to six houses and conducted arson terrorism to eliminate the Hindu community on 21 October 1971.

On 29 November 1971, they also attacked Baroaria village of Batiaghata and shot freedom fighters Jyotish Mandal and Abdul Aziz dead.