DGHS asks physician to show ID for movement during lockdown


Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has sought assistance from the law enforcement agencies to facilitate the movement of physicians and health professionals during the lockdown imposed by government to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Apart from this, DGHS has also asked the physicians and health professionals to keep their identity cards with them and show if the law enforcers want.

Mohammad Robed Amin, line director of the non-communicable disease of DGHS, made this disclosure in a bulletin issued on Wednesday.

He said, "The sincere cooperation from the law enforcement agencies is highly desirable for any physicians, nurses or other health professionals. It is the moral duty of the law enforcement agencies to sympathetically cooperate with the health workers, who display identity cards or any type of ID card, and to facilitate their subsequent speedy and unimpeded movement’.

Recently, an argument ensued between law enforcers and a physician over taking ‘movement pass’ issued by police to control the movement of citizens during the lockdown.

Centering the altercation, police and physicians have issued statements and counter statements over the issue.

In an observation, the High Court on Tuesday termed this incident as 'undesirable'.