'Bookpocket' a novel on war and love by Rahitul Islam

Cover of novel `Bookpocket'

A novel `Bookpocket', authored by Rahitul Islam was released.

Leading publishing house in the country, Prothoma, published the novel ‘Bookpocket’, which is based on the life of a brave freedom fighter from Munshiganj’s Gazaria upazila.

`Bookpocket', revolves around the lives of Tanes and Zohra. Tanes joined the war of independence in 1971. When Zohra heard Tanes going to the war, she cried but did not stop him from going to the war. Tanes assured Zohra that he would return only after ensuring the country's victory while Zohra promised to wait for his return.

When Tanes returned home after the war, he learned Zohra was killed by the Pakistani army. Fifty years have passed since then, but Tanes still carries a photo and a letter of Zohra in his pocket and he never removed it.

Niaz Chowdhury Tuli designed the cover of the novel. Cover price of the novel is Tk 240.

The novel is available at the pavilion of Prothoma Prokashon at Ekushey Book Fair and other Prothoma showrooms in Bangla Bazar, Karwan Bazar, Aziz Supermarket in Shahbagh, Chef's Table on Madani Avenue as well as other book shops in the capital.

Rahitul Islam has authored 14 books so far. His most popular novels include ‘Outsourcing o Bhalobasar Golpo’ (A Tale of Outsourcing and Love), ‘Call Centerer Aparajita’ (Aparajita – A Tale of the Call Center Girl), ‘Bodle Dewar Gaan’ (The Song of Change), ‘Chorer Master Computer Engineer’ (A computer engineer becomes teacher in a remote area), ‘Hello Doctor Apa’ (Hello Doctor Madam), ‘Bhalobasar Hatbazar’ (The Love Market), and ‘Kemon Ache Freelancer Nadia’ (Story of Nadia, the freelancer). His several novels have also been adopted for telefilms.

`Bookpocket' is also available for order on Prothoma website.