Faraaz made everyone proud, left behind a message of peace

Faraaz's elder brother Zaraif Ayaat Hossain speaks at an exhibition organised on the occasion of Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain's 27th birthday. By his side are artist Prasanta Karmakar, Tania Haq, assistant cultural affairs officer of the US embassy Marjorie Stern, and Faraaz's mother and CEO of Transcom Group Simeen Rahman.Prothom Alo

Faraaz was just a youth of 20 when he was brutally killed in a militant attack. His memory remains strong over the past seven years since that day. He has made his family proud, in his death he has left behind a message of peace.

This is how Faraaz was remembered on 15 April, his 27th birthday. A solo exhibition of artist Prashanta Karmakar at Safiuddin Shilpalay gallery in the city was dedicated to Faraaz's memory.

Transcom Group CEO Simeen Rahman and others view the pictures on display at the exhibition.
Prothom Alo

Faraaz's mother and CEO of Transcom Group, Simeen Rahman, inaugurated the exhibition by lighting a candle and cutting cake. The exhibition included several images of Faraaz as created by artist Prasanta Karmakar. The exhibition also included paintings of Faraaz's grandfather, the late chairman of Transcom Group, Latifur Rahman, and his aunt, the late Shazneen Tasnin Rahman.       

Head of Transcom Group's Strategy and Transformation Department and Faraaz's elder brother, Zaraif Ayaaz Hossain, said that he and his mother (Simeen Rahman) had the identity of the official positions they held. But no matter what position they held professionally, the most important identity to them was that they were Faraaz's mother and Faraaz's brother. This identity made them proud.

Faraaz was killed on 1 July 2016 in the militant attack on Holey Artisan Bakery. That year Faraaz celebrated his last birthday with his elder brother Zaraif Ayaat Hossain in the US. Recalling the day, Zaraif said the family will never be able to forget Faraaz. But over the past seven years they had wondered how the people would remember him, whether they would forget Faraaz. There was always that apprehension. But that did not happen. Prasanta Karmakar and many others kept Faraaz's memory alive in so many ways. This was a big gift from them. Over the past seven years, Faraaz has made them even prouder.

Assistant cultural affairs officer of the US embassy, Marjorie Stern, said everyone knew about Faraaz's courage. The pain of losing a child was extreme. Commenting on the exhibition, she said that artist Prasanta Karmakar had taken part in a programme of the US embassy. A part of that programme had been about peace and security. And in this exhibition, he had upheld that peace.

A cake to commemorate Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain's 27th birthday on 15 April
Prothom Alo

Former ambassador Waliur Rahman recited a poem on Faraaz. He said, through his death, Faraaz had left behind peace. Faraaz would always be remembered for his actions.

Artist Prasanta Karmakar said he dedicated this exhibition to Faraaz. He said he had learnt from Faraaz how to love one's friends. Faraaz had left the world a message of peace.

Artiste Shahidul Haque presented a Rabindranath Tagore song at the event.