Jamalpur DC withdrawn after seeking AL’s reelection

Md Imran Ahmed, deputy commissioner of Jamalpur

The government has withdrawn the deputy commissioner (DC) of Jamalpur, Imran Ahmed, following a huge public outcry over his speech seeking reelection of ruling Awami League for another term.

Later, he has been appointed to the expatriates' welfare and overseas employment ministry.

At the same time, Shafiur Rahman, deputy director (deputy secretary) of Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy, has been appointed as the new DC of Jamalpur.

The public administration ministry made the appointments through separate notifications on Thursday.

Earlier, the election commission (EC) officially asked the government to take action against the deputy commissioner (DC) of Jamalpur district, Imran Ahmed, subject to verification of the facts.

The DC, in a rally on Monday, urged the people to reelect Awami League to continue the development spree. A video clip of his speech went viral on social media and triggered a huge public outcry.

Responding to the incident, the EC issued a letter to the cabinet secretary on Wednesday, asking to take action against the DC following a verification.

In the rally on Monday, the DC said the incumbent government of Awami League has to be brought to power again in the next parliamentary elections to continue the development spree.

While addressing a programme organised to inaugurate the newly constructed building of Madarganj pourashava in Jamalpur on Monday afternoon, he also hoped local MP, Mirza Azam, would get a berth as a cabinet member in the next government the AL would form.

Jamalpur-3 (Madarganj, Melandah) constituency MP, Mirza Azam, also joint general secretary of the ruling party, was present at the event as chief guest. Jamalpur police super Md Kamruzzaman also attended the inaugural function.

Many people have been castigating Md Imran Ahmed for such an act despite being a public servant.

The incident is significant as the next parliamentary election is likely to be held in December this year or early January next year. Generally the DCs carry out duties of a returning officer in the general elections.

Imran Ahmed began his speech showering unbridled praise on the local MP for the development works completed during his tenure.

At one stage of the speech, he said, “We have to remember that the development (of the country) is achieved through a long ordeal, and the fruits of this independence is our communication and development. This spree of development has to be continued. We have to reelect this government again to continue the development works this government has done. This will be the pledge of all of us. Development will continue. Development of this country will continue.”

The deputy commissioner further said, “I hope our honourable chief guest (Mirza Azam) will surely carry out more development works as a minister in this district. I hope this and I believe this will happen, Insha Allah.”

Despite repeated phone calls Prothom Alo made to the deputy commissioner, he did not pick up any call.

Md Imran Ahmed joined as deputy commissioner of Jamalpur on 23 July. Earlier, he worked as a deputy secretary to the Information Management branch-1 of the Statistics and Informatics Division.

He also worked as the assistant personal secretary (APS) to Farhad Hossain, state minister for public administration ministry, and a deputy secretary and personal secretary (additional responsibilities) to the secretary to the jute ministry.

Imran Ahmed is from Dacope upazila in Khulna.

Earlier, former officer-in-charge of Dewanganj police station in Jamalpur, Shymal Chandra Dhar came into discussion calling people to vote for ruling Awami League in the next general election during a discussion on 15 August.

The OC was castigated when a 2.10-minute video of the speech went viral on social media. Later, he was transferred to Jamalpur police lines on 25 August.