Vedant Patel, principal deputy spokesperson for the US Department of State
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US Department of State principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel on Monday said the US is closely monitoring the electoral environment in Bangladesh leading up to the 12th parliamentary election.

“We continue to closely monitor the electoral environment in Bangladesh leading up to this January’s election, and we take any incidents of violence incredibly seriously,” Vedant Patel said replying to a query from a journalist during a regular briefing on Monday.

While asking a query, a journalist mentions countrywide protests going on in Bangladesh. The protestors are demanding the resignation of the ruling prime minister, and the regime is in a sense declare war against the main opposition, BNP and protestors.

Over 8,000 people have been detained, including BNP secretary general and all rank and file. At least 11 people killed since protests began on 28 October. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina instructed her party members to throw opposition party members into fire or burn their hands, the journalist added.

As the United States and the international community in Bangladesh are committed to creating a peaceful and credible environment for upcoming elections, for creating that environment, the journalist asked, "Will you be with the people of Bangladesh and reflect their will under a new caretaker government?”

In reply, Vedant Patel said it is important to remember that the US does not support any political party in Bangladesh, and they do not favour any one political party over the other.

“Right now our focus continues to be closely monitoring the electoral environment in Bangladesh leading up to January’s election, engaging appropriately with the government, with opposition leaders, with civil society and other stakeholders to urge them to work together for the benefit of the Bangladeshi people.,” he added.