Jatiya Party chairman GM Quader on Thursday alleged that the government has enhanced the fuel price 'illogically' as it will increase the costs of living further, reports UNB.

"Fuel prices have been hiked irrationally. If the fuel prices go up, the costs of production and transportation of goods will increase," he said.

GM Quader, also the leader of the opposition in parliament, said people's lives have already become unbearable due to the rise in commodity prices. "As the prices of fuel rise, people's lives will now become more miserable."

Speaking at a programme at Jatiya Party chairman's Banani office, he also said the sufferings of people will only be mounted if the government runs the country with a business attitude.

GM Quader called upon the government to govern the country with the mentality of serving people instead of doing business.

He said the fuel prices have been increased with an excuse of rising oil prices in the international market. "Fuel prices were much lower on the international market during the corona period, but the fuel prices were not reduced at that time."

The Jatiya Party chairman wanted to know where the money has gone that was earned during the low fuel prices in the international market.

He said fuel prices should be kept tolerable even by giving subsidies.

GM Quader also said Bangladesh ranks 124th out of 139 countries in the rule of law index. "We're lagging behind in various international indexes. This is very unfortunate."

Earlier in the day, the Bangladesh Truck-Covered Van, Tank Lorry and Prime Movers Owners and Workers Coordination Council called an indefinite nationwide strike from Friday in protest against the fuel price hike.

Leaders of the organisation said the government raised the toll of Bangabandhu Bridge and Muktarpur Bridge from 257 per cent to 300 per cent "illogically" on 2 November and then it raised the prices of fuel, said a press release.

On Wednesday, the government raised the prices of diesel and kerosene at the retail level.

Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) said the petroleum prices have been readjusted against the backdrop of price hike of petroleum on the international market.

Meanwhile, the price of private operators' liquified petroleum gas (LPG) has been raised to Tk 1,313 per 12-kg container from Tk 1259 with effect from Thursday (4 November) at the retail level.

Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) announced the new price at a press briefing.