Project Ramadan 6.0, is the sixth edition of an annual project by YES Alumni Bangladesh which aims to raise funds through donations from the general public to feed the poverty-stricken people of Dhaka city.

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed thousands of Dhaka city residents into poverty and destitution. The donations received for this project were used to buy rations for these people so that they can have enough food for the last few days of Ramadan and for celebrating Eid. Each family was provided with approximately a week’s worth of rations.

Zumara Marjan, a coordinator of Project Ramadan 6.0 said, “Keeping the current state of lockdown in mind, we wanted to help the underprivileged people through the last days of Ramadan and allow them to have an enjoyable Eid with their families.”

“We hope that this project has provided courage and support to those in need, as well as inspire others to take a stand so that no one ever has to go to bed with an empty stomach.”

“We hope that this annual project of YES Alumni Bangladesh continues in the following years as future Alumni members take up the mantle and create even greater impacts by aiming to help more people from the underprivileged community.”

Recipients were extremely grateful to receive these rations which are hoped to sustain them throughout the last week of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr without having to be concerned about how to manage their next meal.

Md. Mostafa of Nakhalpara, one of the recipients, said, “We’re suffering a lot during this lockdown. We can’t work much. It is very difficult to feed my family.”

“These rations are equivalent to 15 days’ wages for me and will help me and my family a lot. I am very grateful for this support.”

The organisers of Project Ramadan 6.0 worked tirelessly even during the pandemic to provide support to those in need while maintaining all safety precautions.

YES Alumni Bangladesh consists of Bangladeshi scholars who have successfully completed the US Department of State’s Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (K-L YES) Program. The main aim of the association is to render services to the community through projects like Project Ramadan.