5pc incentive for MPO-enlisted teachers-employees, separate gazette issued

Photo shows a teacher taking a class at a primary school.
Prothom Alo file photo

The government has issued a gazette on a 5 per cent incentive for teachers and employees of the Monthly Pay Order (MPO)-listed educational institutions

The Finance Division of the finance ministry issued the gazette on Tuesday.

It said teachers and employees receiving salary under the MPO scheme will get a special incentive of 5 per cent of their salary received on 1 July every year, but the amount will be no less than Tk 1,000.

This special incentive will be in effect from 1 July this year.

Earlier in the day, the Finance Division issued another gazette on a 5 per cent special incentive for employees in the civil service and pensioners. The gazette, however, did not include the MPO-listed teachers, employees.

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Currently, there are 600,000 teachers and employees at 29,164 MPO-listed high schools, colleges, madrasah and vocational education institutions in the country.

The government pays the salaries of teachers and employees at private educational institutions through MPO programme. Other than this, teachers and employees at private educational institutions also receive Bengali New Year allowance and annual increment.