After that, Rozina Islam appealed to the court for the return of her passport, press accreditation card and two mobiles phones. The appeal was rejected on 19 September by the Dhaka chief metropolitan magistrate’s court (CMM). She then filed a revision appeal against the ruling at the Dhaka metropolitan sessions judge court. The hearing of the revision appeal took place on Sunday.

During the hearing, Rozina Islam’s lawyer Prasanta Kumar Karmakar told the court that her passport had been submitted while taking bail, in accordance to the court conditions. He appealed that the condition be relaxed and permission be granted for her passport to be returned. He also said Rozina Islam from beforehand has been suffering from some health issues and would go abroad for treatment. She is still unwell but could not go abroad for treatment as her passport remains with the court. And she is also unable to carry out her professional duties as her press accreditation card has been seized.

The court asked whether there was any report about the evidence seized in the case. Rozina Islam’s lawyer replied that during the hearing in the CMM court, the investigating officer has said that the examination of evidence had been completed.

Also present at the hearing were Rozina Islam’s lawyer Ehsanul Huq Samaji.

Rozina Islam received the Amsterdam-based Free Press Unlimited ‘Free Press Award-2021’ this year as a most resilient journalist