Democratic standards not followed in Bangladesh elections: UK

Britain's national flag flies next to Big Ben in London, Britain, 23 March 2022.Reuters

The standards of democracy were not followed during the 12th parliamentary elections in Bangladesh, the British government's foreign office said in a statement on Monday.

“Democratic elections depend on credible, open, and fair competition. Respect for human rights, rule of law and due process are essential elements of the democratic process. These standards were not consistently met during the election period. We are concerned at the significant number of arrests of opposition party members before polling day,” the statement said.

“The United Kingdom notes the results of the 12th Parliamentary Elections in Bangladesh, which took place on Sunday, 7 January.

“We condemn the acts of intimidation and violence that took place prior to and during the campaign period. Such conduct has no place in political life.

“Not all political parties took part in the elections. The Bangladeshi people did not therefore have the fullest range of voting options.

“The United Kingdom and Bangladesh share a deep and historic friendship. Creating the conditions for a sustainable political settlement and vibrant civil society will enable long-term growth. We encourage all political parties to address their differences and find a common way forward in the interests of the people of Bangladesh. We will continue to support this process,” the statement read.