Number of unemployed people stands at nearly 2.6m: BBS

Logo of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)

The number of unemployed people in the country stands at 2,590,000 according to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

The number of unemployed people was 2,470,000. BBS on Monday unveiled the labour survey on the three-month basis.

The unemployment situation from January to March has been revealed in the survey.

According to ILO, those, who have not got an opportunity of work for one hour within seven days and expected work for the last one month, are called unemployed.

BBS provides the estimation of unemployed people in accordance with this rule.

According to BBS, the number of unemployed people was 2590,000 in the first quarter of 2023. In according to that calculation, the number of unemployed people has not increased.

Currently, the rate of unemployment is 3.51 per cent, which is a bit higher than the average rate of 2023.

The average rate of unemployment was 3.36 per cent in 2023.

The number of unemployed men has increased while the number of unemployed women has decreased.

As per BBS, the number of unemployed men from January to March was 17,40,000 while the number was 17,10,000 during the corresponding period in 2023. Meanwhile, 30,000 unemployed women have decreased. The number of unemployed women now stands at 8,50,000.

BBS said there are over 73.7 million people in the labour force. Of them, over 71.1 million are employed. The remaining are unemployed.

Beside, there is a huge number of people outside the labour force. Such a section of people stands at over 48.2 million. They include students, ailing persons, aged persons, unable persons and retired persons.