Miller bins Indian diplomat’s claim of Haas’ hiding

Matthew MillerUS state department website

The recent claim of an Indian diplomat that the United States ambassador in Dhaka, Peter Haas, went into hiding before the national elections in Bangladesh is not correct, said the US state department. 

He came up with the statement while responding to a journalist’s query at a regular press briefing of the state department on Monday. 

The journalist sought to know: Is it true that the US ambassador in Dhaka, Peter Haas, was in hiding just before the one-sided election in Bangladesh due to alleged Indian pressure? 

The accusation was reportedly made by a senior Indian diplomat and former ambassador to Bangladesh during a book launching ceremony in New Delhi, he mentioned. 

In response, Mathew Miller said, “I haven’t been following every book launch ceremony in New Delhi, but no, that is not accurate.” 

When the reporter asked again why he didn’t do so, the spokesperson tactfully turned to another agenda, saying, “I have a few other things on my plate, as much as I would like to.”