12-kg LPG cylinder price increases by Tk 266

LPG cylinders
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The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) has again increased the price of Liquefied Natural Gas (LPG) by TK 266 at retail level. After the hike, a 12-kg cylinder of LPG would now cost Tk 1,498 in February. The price was Tk 1,232 in January.

BERC announced the new price on Thursday. The BERC fixes new price every month but it is alleged that the price does not get effective everywhere.

BERC said the new price would be effective from this evening. In January, the price of 12-kg cylinder of LPG was decreased by Tk 65.

BERC has been fixing the price of LPG since April 2021. Sources said propane and butane, main elements for making LPG, are imported from different countries.

Saudi company Aramco publishes price of these two elements every month. This is known as Saudi cargo price (CP). BERC adjusts the price of LPG every month taking Saudi CP as base price.