We don’t want elections that may deepen crisis: EC Rasheda

Rasheda Sultana

Election commissioner Rasheda Sultana said they don’t want to hold any election that would leave the country in a fresh crisis.

Speaking with newsmen at the election commission (EC) office today, Wednesday, Rasheda said she thinks holding a fair election is their moral obligation.

Mentioning the election that took place on 15 February in 1996, Rasheda Sultana said the government formed by that election could not sustain for long as the election took place amid movement. A fresh election had to be organised as that election was not acceptable.

“We don’t want to hold an election that might plunge the country into a fresh crisis. We want an election which will bring a government that will be stable. The country falls into crisis whenever the government becomes a temporary one. From that sense we want to hold a fair election,” she added.

Rasheda said the EC would take action wherever any electoral irregularities take place and stop voting in such polling stations if necessary. The EC has control over the polling field and a conducive environment has been created.

The commissioner hoped a free and fair election will be held in a festive mood.