The gridlock stretched from Mograpara to Madanpur on Tuesday afternoon.

Talking to Prothom Alo, some of the passengers said they are travelling to their village homes early to avoid any unwanted hassle on the way. The commencement of Eid vacation at the educational institutions is another reason behind the heavy pressure of passengers.

Meanwhile, some passengers alleged that the transport staff charged extra fare. The scorching sun and sticky hot weather added to their sufferings.

Shah Alam, a passenger, said his office will close for Eid on Thursday, but he took an attempt to send his family home early to avoid the rush. But it has already been too late and he found the highway filled with hundreds of vehicles.

Another passenger, Mursheda Khatun, said she embarked on the Chattogram-bound bus from Kanchpur around 12:00 pm. However, the bus managed to reach nearby Madanpur in the next half an hour.

Ali Ahmed, a trader, said it took one and a half hours to reach Mograpara from Shimrail. He makes a round trip between the spots in the same period in other normal days.

The officer-in-charge of Kanchpur highway police station, Nabir Hossain, said excessive pressure of passengers led to the traffic jam. They were working to normalise the traffic movement.