Nur Ahmed Anwari, chairman of Hoikyang union parishad (UP), Teknaf, told to Prothom Alo, massive firing was heard at the Nakpura area near army Dhekubunia Army barrack at the Arakan state of Myanmar from around midnight.

Mortar shells were firing intermittently. People of Khangrakhali village of Teknaf heard the huge sounds of firing. The sound was persistent till noon on Friday. That spread fear in seven villages, including Kharangkhali and Ulubunia. BGB is alert at the border area.

Last night, people also heard the sound of gunfire at the borders of Battali, Fandirbil, Anjumanpara and Ghumdhum Union of Palongkhali Union in Ukhiya.

Dil Mohammad Bhuttu, a member of ward No. 2 (Tumbru) of Ghumdhum UP, told Prothom Alo that the sound of gunfire was heard in the hills of Rakhine state, late last night. However, till four o'clock in the afternoon today, the sound of gunfire was not heard at Tumbru border. There have been reports of heavy fighting and shelling in the mountains around the town of Maungdaw in Rakhine state.

Regarding the matter Ghumdhum UP chairman AK Jahangir Aziz said, after three days of shutdown the sound of firings were heard near the number 38 and 39 pillars of Baishfari border.

A few traders from Rakhine state with imported goods at Teknaf land port said that the country's army is fighting fiercely with the Arakan Army in the mountains behind Maungdaw city and in the surrounding areas.

The crackdown has been going on for 10-12 days in Maungdaw city. People are not allowed to gather in the market. After four in the afternoon, all the shops in Maungdaw are closed. The country's army is patrolling the road. The 37-km 'Maungdaw-Dekubnia' road from Maungdaw northwards to Tumburite (near Ghumdhum) is closed for traffic.

Inhabitants of Battoli village of Palangkhali, Ukhiya said, seven thousand people were felling relieved after the fire was shut down for three days. Many even started to work at paddy fields and shrimp firms. But they started not to get out of the home once the firing resumed.

Amir Hossain, an auto rickshaw driver of Poschimkul village, Ghumdhum said, people’s movements have been reduced in the 17-kilometre Ghumdhum-Baishari road for last two months due to firings.

As many as three hundred auto rickshaw pullers became unemployed without getting the passengers. A few transports started to move last three days but that have stopped again. The lives and livelihoods of people in this end of the border are stalled due to firing beyond the border.