Hero Alam poses for photograph with the car

The fitness certificate of the microbus that was gifted to Ashraful Hossain alias Hero Alam by a headmaster of a high school expired 10 years ago in 2013.

The tax against the vehicle, Toyota Noah 1998, was also given in that year last, resulting in dues of around 500,000 to Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). 

When asked, Hero Alam told Prothom Alo that he was unaware of the tenure expiration and the tax issues of the vehicle. He came to know the matter while checking the documents [of microbus].     

Mokhlesur Rahman, headmaster of Haji Abdul Jabbar GL Academy and High School at Chunarughat in Habiganj, announced to present his Toyota Noah Microbus to Hero Alam, airing a live on Facebook on 31 January.

Mokhlesur Rahman said he purchased the car in 2018 with expired fitness. The tax was paid last on 18 March in 2013. Then on 15 July of the year the fitness certificate of the vehicle expired.

The headmaster said he hasn’t faced any problem while moving with the car. "Sometimes police would intercept the movement, but be allowed to go after knowing the vehicle is used for moving to and from school," he added.  

Mokhlesur claimed he informed Hero Alam of the the payment issue before handing over the car.    

Hero Alam said, "I will look into how much I will have to pay to the government. Since I will use the vehicle as an ambulance for the welfare of people, I hope the government and BRTA will offer me a waiver."  

In this regard, BRTA assistant director Habibur Rahman said there could be dues of around Tk 500,000 as the tax token and fitness certificate of the vehicle weren't renewed since 2013. Detailed information, however, over the charges would be found from the bank.