2 including KNF chief Nathan Bom’s wife transferred

Map of Bandarban districtProthom Alo illustration

Bandarban’s new armed organisation Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) chief Nathan Bom’s wife Lal Samkim Bom, a nurse at Ruma Upazila Health Complex, has been transferred to Lalmonirhat 250-Bed Hospital.

Apart from her, nurse Dipali Baroi of the same hospital has been transferred to Patgram Upazila Health Complex.

Bandarban civil surgeon Mahbubur Rahman said Thursday that these two were ordered to transfer immediately.

The transfer orders have been sent to Lal Samkim Bom and Dipali Baroi from the office of the Director General of Nursing and Midwifery (DGNM), said officials of the health complex.

Public interest has been cited as the reason for the transfer.

Wishing not to be named, employees of the health complex said that members of the law and order enforcement agencies suspect KNF to be in touch with Nathan Bom’s wife and the other nurse Dipali Baroi.

They further said that the law enforcement members fear that there is a possibility of leaking of information related to the ongoing operation against KNF through them. Lal Samkim Bom was interrogated earlier. She claimed that she had not been in touch with her husband for several years.

Newly emerged armed organisation, the KNF, began activities openly in the hills in mid-2021. House of Nathan Bom, the head of the organisation, is in Edenpara of Ruma Bazar. His wife lives there.

KNF tried to loot money by breaking the vault of the Sonali Bank branch in Ruma on 2 April night.

Being unable to loot the money, they abducted the bank manager and looted 14 firearms from the police and Ansar members who were guarding the area.

On the next day at noon, they looted over Tk 1 million from the branches of the Sonali Bank and Krishi Bank at Thanchi.

Following this, the army, BGB, police, RAB and Ansar forces started conducting a joint operation. So far 55 people have been arrested in the operation.