Retired army sergeant abducted by KNA

A retired army sergeant has reportedly been abducted by Kuki-Chin National Army (KNA), the military unit of Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), from Boga Lake-Keokradong-Duppanipara road in Bandarban.

KNA admitted the abduction, sharing a Facebook post on Friday around 1:00pm to their page namely 'Bha-Te Kuki'.     

Attaching a photograph of the retired army personnel, Anwar Hossain, the post has threatened he wouldn’t be freed until the KNF members detained in combing operation are released from the prison.    

Meanwhile, two truck drivers who were picked up with the army personnel have been freed on Friday morning, said the Ruma transport owner association general secretary Khalilur Rahman, adding he talked to them over phone.   

According to the police and locals, KNA members abducted six, including Anwar Hossain, on Wednesday from an area in between Pasingpara and Songshangpara -- 33 kilometres away from Ruma upazila sadar. At that time, Anwar as the contractor was overseeing the work of under construction roads.

Among the abducted, three were released on Thursday. But the army sergeant and two truck drivers were confined at a secret place. The operation is underway to rescue the army personnel Anwar, they added.

Requesting to be unnamed, a businessman based in Ruma said they demanded toll from the contractor. They picked them up not getting the demanded share.