One killed in 'gunfight' between two groups at Rangamati

A man was killed and another injured in a gunfight between Jana Samhati Samiti's (JSS) and United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) in Rangamati’s Langadu upazila.

The gunfight took place in Choto Kattoli Mon area of Langadu Sadar union on Tuesday evening, according to local sources.

The deceased was identified as Shyamol Chakma alias Veem Chakma, 34, from Gobchhari village Naniarchar upazila while the injured was Koin Chakma, 35, from Panchari upazila of Khagrachhari.

UPDF Rangamati unit head Shanti Deb Chakma claimed slain Shyamol Chakma was a member of UPDF.

According to several UPDF members, a 10-to-15-member team of UPDF was roaming around in Choto Kattoli Mon area on Tuesday evening. At that time, a JSS team fired shots at them all of a sudden. UPDF members retaliated in self-defence, triggering a gunfight that lasted for a half hour.

News also broke out that six people were killed during the gunfight. Prothom Alo could not verify it.

Police visited the spot and said blood marks were seen on 7-8 spots in the crime scene in addition to recovering live bullets.

According to several UPDF members, the injured and the body were taken to another location after the gunfight. The injured were treated at a safe location while the body of Shyamol Chakma was kept at a secret location.

The body was taken to Gobchhari area on Wednesday morning with the help of the locals from Tripurachhara area.

UPDF Rangamati unit head Shanti Deb Chakma said, “One of our members was killed in an attack by the JSS. Our party activists were attacked without any provocation."

However, police and local public representatives could not provide any information on the killing in the gunfight.

Langadu union parishad member Sadhan Kumar Chakma said police took him to the spot where he saw blood, bags and other equipment. “Several people might have killed or injured in the gunfight.”

Langadu police station officer-in-charge Sanjit Ahmed said police conducted search on the crime scene and found no dead body, but found huge trail of blood.