You interpret good things differently: Law minister to journos

Law minister Anisul Huq talks to the mediaProthom Alo

Law minister Anisul Huq on Friday explained his remarks on allowing 50 years for the investigation to the journalist couple Sagar and Runi murder case, if needed, saying that this not a matter of debate.

“It saddens me because when I say something good even for you, you interpret it differently," he said while talking to journalists at Akhaura Railway Junction Station after arriving in Brahmanbaria from Dhaka by train.

Replying to a query, Anisul Huq said his mentioning about 50 years for the investigation of Sagar-Runi murder case was figurative. “I said that those who truly committed this crime, if it takes time to detain them even after wholehearted efforts, whatever time we need, we will nab them, and I figuratively said even if it takes 50 years. This is what I mean and you thought that it would take 50 years.”

Earlier on Thursday, Anisul Huq said at a press conference that investigation should be allowed 50 years to properly find the killers of journalists Sagar Sarwar and Meherun Runi, if needed.

Anisul Huq said, “A fair investigation should be conducted, and actual criminals should be brought to book. Our legal framework says those who are not criminals cannot be harassed. Actual criminals must be booked, which is why I said this. But you (journalists) became angry. I could not understand why you become so angry even after speaking something good for you.”

Replying to a query on slow investigation progress in the case, the law minister said there are many cases that takes long to crack across the world. Recently, the accused of a murder case was arrested after 42 years in the UK, and mystery of another murder case was cracked after 24 years in the US.

“Police are still trying and their investigations are on. Probe is taking time as police could not catch the actual criminals yet. Do you want the investigation to stop? That is why I said investigation will continue till the day the actual criminals are arrested,” he asserted.

Maasranga Television News Editor Sagar Sarwar and his wife ATN Bangla senior reporter Meherun Runi were found dead at their rented apartment in the city’s West Razabazar area on 11 February in 2012.

Following the murder of the journalist couple, then home minister Sahara Khatun (late) said the murderers will be arrested within 48 hours.

Trial, however, is yet to open in this case after 12 years. To date, the deadline for submission of the investigation report in the case has been deferred for the 105th time.

Journalists also took to streets at different times demanding justice to the slain couple.