Eid festivities dampened: Sunamganj faces flooding

Eid festivities dampened as Sunamganj faces floodingUNB

Heavy rainfall and swelling hill torrents have caused the Surma River to overflow, leading to widespread flooding on Eid-ul-Azha day in Sunamganj municipality.

Many streets are submerged under knee-deep water, causing immense sufferings to residents as water has entered homes and shops.

Despite the adverse weather, Eid prayers were performed at various Eidgahs in the city amid the rain.

The Surma River is currently flowing 17 cm above the danger level at Shologhor point, inundating low-lying areas. Additionally, a storm accompanied by lightning has resulted in power outages since last night.

The Sunamganj Power Department reported that the 33 kV line is down, and repair efforts are delayed due to ongoing inclement weather.

Various parts of the city, including Nutanpara, Bandhanpara, Upatyaka, Hasan Nagar, Arpin Nagar, Ukilpara, DS Road, Shologhor, and Shantibagh, are currently waterlogged.

Shop owners are seen relocating their goods to avoid damage, as many items have already been soaked. Water from residential neighborhoods is draining into the Jhauer Haor.

Local resident Mujibur Rahman described the situation, saying, "Most of the city's roads are under water. We performed Eid prayers while getting drenched. I’ve never seen rain like this during Eid before. There is no joy this Eid; people are fearful of a flood like June 2022."

Another local man Nurul Islam said, "With the current amount of rainfall in Sunamganj, rivers, haors, canals, and ponds are all submerged. The joy of Eid is completely ruined. May Allah have mercy."

Amal Das, a grocery shop owner in Nutanpara, lamented, "I didn’t realize the water would rise this much. Most of my shop's goods are soaked. I’ve been moving items since dawn."

Mamun Howlader, executive engineer of the Sunamganj Water Development Board (WDB), indicated that rainfall could continue for 24 to 48 hours, potentially causing short-term minor flooding but assured that it wouldn’t be as severe as in 2022.

Sajib Ahmed, a meteorologist at the Sylhet Meteorological Office, forecasted moderate to heavy rainfall in parts of the Sylhet and Mymensingh divisions over the next five days, including Eid day.

District Commissioner Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Chowdhury assured that the administration is prepared to tackle the situation.

"Shelters are ready, and there are ample stocks of cash, rice, and dry food. Discussions have been held with traders, and boats along with boatmen are prepared for rescue operations," he added.