Mahfuz Anam astonished over Naem Nizam's resignation

Editors' Council

Mahfuz Anam, president of Editors' Council (Sampadak Parishad) and the editor of The Daily Star, has issued a statement on Wednesday regarding the resignation of its general secretary Naem Nizam, also the editor of Bangladesh Pratidin.

In the statement, Mahfuz Anam said, “I am astonished and shocked after hearing the news of Naem Nizam’s resignation from the post of general secretary of the parishad. He (Naem Nizam) informed me about the matter [of resignation] over a phone call on Tuesday night from New York. But I haven’t received any resignation letter yet from him.”

The senior journalist said the stance of the parishad over the issue will be informed following a meeting with the members [of the parishad].

He points out any decision of the parishad is taken on the basis of discussion and consensus among the members. It never deviated from this.

The Daily Star editor said, "I would like to emphasize that I had a wonderful working relationship with him and I have never had any disagreement with him in running the parishad."