Raushan Ershad for timely election and talks with all the parties 

President Sahabuddin, Raushan Ershad
File Photo

Jatiya Party's Chief Patron and Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament, Raushan Ershad, met with President Shahabuddin and expressed her opinion in favour of holding elections on time in accordance with the constitution.

She emphasised that failing to do so could lead to a constitutional crisis in the country. 

Additionally, Raushan Ershad discussed with the president the importance of engaging in discussions with all political parties regarding their participation in the elections. 

Former Secretary-General of Jatiya Party and Opposition Chief Whip in Parliament, Mashiur Rahman Ranga, conveyed these points to Prothom Alo after the meeting.

He mentioned that the pPresident will have discussions with the prime minister regarding talks with all political parties. 

Raushan Ershad visited Bangabhaban around 12:00 pm today, accompanied by Mashiur Rahman, Rahgir Ershad, and four others.

Their meeting at Bangabhaban lasted approximately an hour. Mashiur Rahman stated that it was their wish to meet the president. 

According to Mashiur Rahman's comments to Prothom Alo, Raushan Ershad conveyed to the president that if the election is not conducted on time as per the constitution, it could lead to a constitutional crisis.

They expressed their readiness to assist in ensuring timely elections.  

The president responded by expressing hope that the government and the Election Commission would work towards conducting free, fair, and peaceful elections on schedule. 

Before Raushan Ershad, Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader met the president at Bangabhaban on 14 October. 

The longstanding dispute between these two top leaders of the party has now intensified, with leaders stating that their disagreement over control of the party has escalated in the lead-up to the election.  

Media reports indicate that Raushan Ershad wrote a letter to the Election Commission on Saturday. In her letter, she conveyed that the Jatiya Party has decided to participate in the election as part of a grand alliance with the Awami League.   

Simultaneously, a separate letter was sent to the Election Commission on behalf of GM Quader on Saturday.

This letter clarified that GM Quader holds the authority to nominate candidates for the Jatiya Party and sign the nomination papers of party candidates.