Heat wave keeps people off the streets

People are suffering from the harsh sun and extreme heat in Rangpur. There is hardly anyone outside and the streets wear a vacant look. In front of the city market on Friday morning.Prothom Alo

Even on the last day of the month Ashar there was no rain. The heat is extreme and it is hard to keep one's eyes open in the harsh glare of the sun. On Friday, the weekend, people hardly left their homes. No one went out unless necessary. The people were suffering in the heat.

Rangpur meteorological office sources said that in the morning the temperature was 35 degrees Celsius and in the afternoon it went up to 37 degrees Celsius. There is no likelihood of rain in the next week or so either. The heat wave will prevail.

It seemed like afternoon on Friday morning, the heat of the sun was so harsh. As the day proceeded, the temperature rose too. The roads seemed to be emanating heat. There were not many people on the streets, just a handful of rickshaws and auto-rickshaws. No one was going to the market either, unless very necessary. Day labourers and agricultural workers were also not seen at work.

People were seen lounging in the shade of the trees in front of Rangpur Zila School. Some were carrying water bottles. A man, Nasiruddin, waiting for a rickshaw, said, "There are hardly any rickshaws out either in this heat. I have been waiting so long for a rickshaw."

Some were seen walking with their shopping bags in the heat. The shops were open, but not many shoppers. The usual crowd of day labourers was absent at the town's Betpatti, Keranipara intersection and Shimubagh areas.

The district civil surgeon Shameem Ahmed said, coughs, colds and fever have increased in the extreme eat. Everyone must be careful and drink plenty of water. He also advised the people to drink oral saline.