Nobel makes debut as playback singer in ‘Mukhosh’

Mainul Ahsan NobelProthom Alo

Emerging singer Mainul Ahsan Nobel has made his debut in the movies as a playback singer. The young music star has lent his voice to the title song of the film 'Mukhosh'.

Directed by of Ahmed Humayun, Nobel recorded the song written by Abraham Tamim at a studio in the capital's Maghbazar area on Friday night.

Nobel will appear in the song too. Earlier, Nobel had sung a song, 'Tomar Moner Bhetor Jai', for the film ‘Vinci Da’ directed by Srijit Mukherjee.

Nobel is elated to get the chance as a playback singer.

He said, “I wanted to be careful about my first song in Bangladeshi cinema that is why I took my time.”

Mainul Ahsan Nobel
Prothom Alo

Nobel said, “I am happy to be singing this song as I wanted my debut in Bangladeshi films to be with such a beautiful song. Both the lyrics and music of the song are excellent. I enjoyed singing this song and hopefully the people will like it too. I'm feeling at peace now, satisfied.”

Mainul Ahsan Nobel

"I had to sing the song in two ways," he continued, "One part is semi-classical and the other part is completely rock.”

He added, “If the standard of a film song is good, a film song can take you further ahead.”

“Film songs have a lot of publicity as it plays on the big screen and the popular actors synch their lips with the song. That's an extra boost.”

The pop star has not only lent his voice to this song but he also will be act in this title song. The song has been viewed about 65 lakh times on YouTube within two months since its release. He is coming up with another new song soon.

Nobel has lent his voice to the title song of the film 'Mukhosh'

Noble said, a new song titled 'Meherban', written by Ahmed Rizvi and directed by Ahmed Humayun, will be released soon from the same production company.

He said, “I have completed preparing two songs titled 'Meherban' and 'Sob kichhu Chere'. The song "Meherban" will be released in the first week of February.”