Nothing to debate over broadcasting video content: Editors’ Council

Editors' Council

There is no scope for debate about newspapers broadcasting digital content in their online platforms, believes the Editors’ Council.

The global newspaper industry is trying to overcome the challenge posed by the digital revolution. Combining print and digital is key for the advancement of newspapers, said the Editors’ Council in a press release signed by its president Mahfuz Anam and general secretary Dewan Hanif on Saturday.

Previously on Wednesday, after a meeting with the Association of Television Channel Owners (ATCO), information and broadcasting minister Hasan Mahmud said, newspapers are violating their declaration by broadcasting talk shows and video content on their online platforms.

The Editors’ Council made this statement following the comments made by the minister.

The council said the print media is combating the challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Print media still holds importance, but there is no way of denying the rise of digital platforms. Now, the audience can’t be satisfied with just newspapers or e-papers. Newspapers have to give new audio-video content, news, interviews, features and news analysis.

The government has vowed to build a digital Bangladesh. Print media is the last resort for readers. But in this age of digital revolution, one has to give the same importance to the web portals and social media platforms of newspapers. Presenting digital content with explanations, analysis, research and opinions on relevant news published on newspapers and sharing it to the audience online or through social media is an important aspect of daily newspapers.

The statement further said newspapers worldwide are trying to adapt and to hold onto readers by adding new digital content. They are also trying to create new readers.

Realising the importance of digital platforms, Bangladesh government has created National Online Media Policy-2017 (Amended-2020) and has introduced the process of “Registration for Online News-portal” for the newspapers.

The government has already approved online editions of newspapers and over 100 online news portals. The Editors’ Council believes that there is no scope for debate about newspapers using digital content in online platforms.