The Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Land Ministry made a recommendation on Thursday to take necessary measures for reclaiming illegally occupied land, water bodies, and ponds across the country. The committee, headed by Chairman Makbul Hossain MP, discussed the issue at length during its 17th meeting at the Parliament building.

Additionally, the committee suggested the recruitment of lawyers to handle government cases related to land matters. The main focus of the meeting was on the ‘Land Development Tax Bill-2023’ and the issue of illegal occupation of land, water bodies, and ponds across the country.

As part of its recommendations, the committee proposed presenting the Land Development Tax Bill-2023 before the parliament with certain additions and amendments.

Present at the meeting were committee members Saifuzzaman Chwodhury, Manoronjan Sheel Gopal, Habibor Rahman, Umme Fatema Nazma Begum, Ziaur Rahman, Khan Ahmed, the Secretary to the Land Ministry, Chairman of the Land Reformation Board, representatives from the legislative and parliament affairs department, and relevant officials from the parliament secretariat.