MPs called to pledge not to patronise extortionists

Deputy leader of the opposition in the parliament Anisul Islam MahmudProthom Alo file photo

Deputy leader of the opposition in parliament Anisul Islam Mahmud has urged the MPs to pledge not to patronise the extortionist. He made the call during an unscheduled discussion in the national parliament Sunday.

Addressing the MPs, Anisul Islam Mahmud said, “I appeal to my fellow Members of Parliament, let us unite in this one cause, where no penny will be spent. Nothing is needed. Only we will pledge not to patronise them (extortionist), just resist them. I think we will be able to save Bangladesh by doing this.”

The Jatiya Party (JaPa) MP also remarked that ‘extortion’ has turned into a common practice in the society.

He said, “Toll is paid to transport products. This additional cost is added to the price of the products. Toll is also paid even if you want to construct a home or you need to give the extortionists the work of supplying construction materials. Even the hawkers and rickshaw pullers have to pay tolls. Extortion has become a deadly disease for society now.”

Anisul Islam Mahmud said if these 350 MPs pledge this then it would be possible to curb the extortion to some extent. Bad days await in the future if actions are not taken against the extortionists, he warned.

Taking part in the unscheduled discussion, another JaPa MP and opposition chief whip Mujibul Haque draws attention of the parliament to a media report that said money from the sale of forms was divided among the vice-chancellor, pro vice-chancellors and other teachers of the CU.

“The CU unit of Chhatra League wants a portion of the money just like the past,” he said.

Addressing the education minister, Mujibul Haque said, “If this is correct, then let the people know what actions have been taken.”