BNP vice chairman retired major Hafiz Uddin Ahmed.
Prothom Alo File Photo

BNP vice-chairman major retired Hafiz Uddin Ahmed said the planners of Pilkhana carnage are still out of trial, which is a weak point of the judiciary.

The BNP leader came up with this remark on Saturday in a discussion held at the National Press Club in Dhaka marking the Pilkhana Tragedy Day, organised by the Labour Party.

On 25 February 2009, a total of 74 people, including 57 Army officers, were killed brutally at then Pilkhana BDR (Now BGB) Headquarters in the capital.

He said, ‘Those who planned this massacre are left out of the trial. Some of those who executed it have been brought to justice. It is also a week point of this trial.’

The former army personnel said even the trial of this killing wasn’t held fairly, which is very regretful. Some [convicted] were sentenced to death but it is uncertain when the sentence will be executed.”

Hafiz Uddin Ahmed claimed the main intention of this massacre is to destroy the confidence of Bangladesh Army and its members. It is crystal clear that political leaders, particularly leaders from a political party, were involved in this killing mission, he added.

Terming this carnage a shameful chapter of the country, he said the planners attended the meeting at the residents of the political leaders before carrying out such brutal killings.