This correspondent of Prothom Alo was at the district Shilpakala Academy auditorium from where results of elections were being declared at 3:00pm on Wednesday. He left the place at around 10:pm after the results were declared after 9:30pm.

The Prothom Alo correspondent, however, didn't hear any such statement delivered by Monirul Haque.

Later, Prothom Alo received a video regarding changing results of election titled 'declaration of Cumilla city corporation election'.

It was seen in the video that Monirul didn't make such a statement. During the declaration of the results, a person sitting beside Monirul made this allegation.

It is learnt the man who made the allegation was Qaymul Haque, Monirul Haque's younger brother.

After the voting throughout the day on Wednesday, returning officer Md Shahedunnabi Chowdhury began declaring results at 6:00pm. Of the 105 poling stations, he declared results of 99 centres till 8:30pm.

At around 9:00pm, independent candidate Monirul Haque along with his followers arrived at the Shilpakala Academy auditorium.

At the time, all in the hall room were chanting slogans for the 'table clock' electoral symbol of Monirul Haque. Police ousted a portion of Monirul Haque's followers due to creating chaos in the hall room.

Before the arrival of Monirul Haque, several hundred leaders and activists entered the auditorium chanting slogan for the 'table clock' symbol.

In presence of Monirul Haque, the returning officer declared the results of two more centres.

Afterwards Awami League candidate Arfanul Haque's followers in a procession entered the auditorium at 9:00pm.


At the time Arfanul's supporters were chanting slogans of the 'boat' electoral symbol of Awami League.

At one stage there was a brawl between the supporters of boat and table clock.

As there was a tensed situation between two groups, police removed all from the hall room. Then the situation of the auditorium was stilled.

In an instant reaction to Prothom Alo, Monirul Haque alleged supporters of the boat candidate arrived at the auditorium to foil the results of election. He would not leave the place without results. He stayed there.

Later at 9:30pm, Awami League candidate Arfanul Haque was declared winner by 343 votes.

The Prothom Alo correspondent found results of remaining four centres were not declared since 8:45pm to 9:30pm due to slogans and counter-slogans between supporters of two candidates and a tense situation

The tense situation spread to the nearby roads. Till the declaration of results, thousands of supporters of the boat occupied the road in front of Shilpakala Academy auditorium and were chanting slogans.

Under such a circumstance, not declaring results of remaining four centres, results of 105 polling stations were declared simultaneously at 9:30pm.

Earlier, declaration of results of four centres were being delayed, at the time the returning officer was announcing through mike that results of four centres are yet to be declared. Results of these centres were yet to be received. Then he declared results of councillors.

After this declaration, followers of independent candidate Monirul Haque started shouting and chanting slogan. They urged the returning officer to declare results of mayor candidates. The returning officer assured that results of mayor candidate will be declared later.

Later after the declaration of mayor candidate, he declared results of winning candidates of reserved and general wards.

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