Assault on journalists an unpardonable offence: GM Quader

GM QuaderFile Photo

Jatiya Party (JaPa) chairman GM Quader bitterly condemned the police attack on journalists during the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) elections, and demanded exemplary punishment for those involved in the incident, reports UNB.

"Assault on media workers while performing their professional duties is an unpardonable offence," he said in a statement. Expressing anger over the incident, the JaPa chief also said any attack on innocent journalists while collecting news cannot be accepted in a civilised society.

GM Quader deplored that journalists in the country already cannot work independently. "Self-censorship has increased in the country's media due to various repressive laws."

He said the country's media outlets are trying their best to keep the flow of information amid various adversities.

"It's not possible to maintain democracy without full freedom of the press. So, everyone should play a responsible role in flourishing media for the sake of democracy. “All sorts of the safety of media workers should be ensured."

At least 10 journalists were injured as police charged batons on them on the SC premises amid a scuffle between pro-Awami League and pro-BNP lawyers over the SCBA election on Wednesday.

Police attacked journalists when they were taking photos and videos of police action on the pro-BNP lawyers as they engaged in a brawl with the pro-Awami League lawyers during their demonstration demanding the formation of a fresh election conducting committee under an "acceptable" authority.