Prime minister Sheikh Hasina said, "I have exercised how much power I have. Tell me how much more do you want. She (Khaleda Zia) is ill now. If Allah wants to save someone who would kill the person. Keep it in mind and I have nothing to do here. I have done what I could. Now it is a matter of law,”

The prime minister made the remarks in reply to a query on what she would decide on the appeal of Khaleda Zia’s treatment aboard. She was speaking at a press conference at her Ganobhaban in the afternoon on the outcome of her recent two-week visit to the United Kingdom and France. Some journalists were also connected to the event virtually from the prime minister’s office.

The prime minister further said, “How do you want it from me? Tell me. Khaeda Zia has been allowed to go home from jail and receive treatment, isn’t it enough? If anyone tried to assassin you would you receive them with garlands? If anyone murdered your family and someone rewarded the killers with jobs at foreign missions instated of trying them, what would you do then? Khaled Zia conducted the election on 15 February 1996 and formed the parliament. I was the leader of the opposition party but colonel Rashid was placed there. Who did it? Khaleda Zia.”

On the Kotalipara bomb attack, Sheikh Hasina said, “What was her (Khaleda Zia) speech before the bomb was planted? Sheikh Hasina will never be an opposition leader, let alone a prime minister. That was said too. I thought I would die. If Allah saves someone who would kill the person, if Allah kills someone who would save the person. And for me, Allah saves me so who would kill me then. Even after that, you want me to show kindness to Khaleda Zia. When someone raises a question on it I think you should be ashamed of it. They have killed my father, mother and even my little brother Sheikh Russel.”

“Despite this, we are not inhuman. That’s why we have at least arranged her stay at home and treatment by my executive power. And the rest is the matter of the law,” she added.

The prime minister said, “This country had been pushed on the brink of collapse by corruption. Scores of our people were injured, 22 others died after the grenade attack."

“We were not allowed to discuss about the attack at any session of the parliament. Even though she (Khaleda Zia) had been such inhuman, I showed her humanity,” Sheikh Hasina added.

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